So here you are at My Favorite Bake Shop.

Behind the Shop:
Have you ever gone somewhere and loved it, but then you couldn’t remember the name of the place a few weeks later?

There’s a joke that says Sammy got a new sign for his store: “FRESH FISH SOLD HERE.” Some guy comes around and says, “Hey Sam, of course you sell fresh fish. You don’t need to write ‘fresh’ on your sign.” So Sam remade his sign to say “FISH SOLD HERE.” Another guy stops by and says, “Why does your sign say ‘sold here?’ Do you sell fish down the street?” Since the customer is always right, Sam remade his sign to say “FISH SOLD.” A lady walks into the store and says, “Did you sell all your fish? It doesn’t look like it.” By the end of the day, Sam threw out all the new signs for his store and put up his old sign which says “FISH.”

If a store has a sign that says “Bake Shop,” one would think baked goods were sold. But how could you remember which Bake Shop it was? Where would you tell your friends to go to?

“You’d have to go to My Favorite Bake Shop!”

Have a great day!
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